//************************************************************************** // Last Updated: September 17, 2003 // // System - The following variables are used for system configuration. // These variables should NOT be translated, and they can // be used to re-configure your system. If you make any // modifications to the system variables, you should re-run // the Language Pack installation in order for your system // variables to be properly registered. Please reference the // readme.html help file for additional information. // X.myLanguage="English" X.fontFamily="verdana,sans-serif" X.fontSize="medium" // set this variable to "medium", "large", or "xlarge" X.langPackVersion="1.02" X.myLangDisplayName="English" // This value must be a single-byte string //************************************************************************** // // Killer WebMail // X.AM="A.M." X.ARFwdTo="After responding, forward mail to" X.AcctAccsDsbl="Account access disabled" X.Actions="Actions" X.Add="Add" X.AddCond="Add Condition" X.AddFilter="Add a Filter" X.AddHostFailed="Error adding hosting." X.AddHostSucceed="Host added successfully." X.AddListFailed="An error occurred. List cannot be added." X.AddRcptsToAB="Add recipients to address book" X.AddUser="Add User" X.AddUserTo="Add User to" X.AddUsrFailed="An error occurred. User may not have been added." X.AddUsrSucceed="User added successfully." X.AddVirDom="Add Virtual Domain" X.AddVirHost="Add Virtual Host" X.AddrLenAlert1="\Address must be 3 to 256 characters long " X.AddrLenAlert2="\Address must be at least 3 characters long" X.AddrS="Save Address" X.Address="Address" X.Admin="Admin" X.AdminOpts="--ADMIN OPTIONS--" X.Administration="Administration" X.Administrator="Administrator" X.AliasAddFailed="An error has occurred. Alias may not have been added or modified." X.AliasAddSucceed="Alias added successfully." X.AliasAdmin="Alias Administration" X.AliasDelFailed="Alias deletion failed." X.AliasDelSucceed="Alias deleted successfully." X.AliasModSucceed="Alias modified successfully." X.AliasRestrict="Alias must consist of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _ and -(hyphen) only" X.Aliases="Aliases" X.AllowUnsubOnSubjLine="Allow Unsubscribe based on subject line" X.AllowWebAccs="Allow Web access" X.Allowed="allowed" X.AnyoneCanPost="Anyone can post" X.Asc="Ascending" X.AttAndSend="Please attach the selected file and then press Send." X.AttDesc="Attachments (click Browse, select file, click Attach, then wait. %AttSize% kb attached, %AttLimit% kb limit)" X.AttFileNotExist="The file you selected does not exist; cannot attach." X.AttFileTooBig="Maximum size limit exceeded for attachments!\nFile could not be attached." X.AttSzLimitA="The attached file put you %OverLimit% kb over the attachment limit of %AttLimit% kb, and so will now be automatically removed from the message. Please choose a smaller file." X.Attach="Attach" X.AutoRespFiles="Auto-Response Files" X.AutoResponder="AutoResponder" X.AVResults="Anti-Virus Admin Results" X.BCC="BCC" X.Back="Go Back" X.BackToFltrs="Back to Filters" X.BackToLists="Back to Lists" X.BackToTop="Back to Top" X.BackToUsrAdm="Back to User Admin" X.Basic="Basic" X.BkupEmlAddr="Backup Email Address" X.Body="Body" X.Book="Bookmark this Login Page!" X.Bounce="Bounce" X.BtnFwd="Fwd" X.Bytes="Bytes" X.CC="CC" X.CN="* Common Name" X.Calendar="Calendar" X.Cancel="Cancel" X.CantCreateFldr="You cannot create another %Folder% folder." X.CantDelFromCmnList="You cannot delete an address from the common list." X.CantFindUser="User '%SearchText%' could not be found in the %ListName%." X.CantModFromCmnList="You cannot modify an address from the common list." X.CaseSensitive="Case Sensitive" X.CaseSensitiveMatch="Case sensitive match" X.CclAndClose="Cancel and Close (Alt-L)" X.ChUsrFailed="An error has occurred. User information may not have been changed." X.CharsMax="characters (max. 128)" X.ChgListFltrs="Change List Filters" X.ChgModeErr="Chg modes securing error." X.ChgMyFingerInfo="Change My Finger Information" X.ChgPassFailed="An error has occurred. Password may not have been changed." X.ChgPassSucceed="Password has been successfully changed." X.ChgPwd="Change Password" X.ChgSignFailed="An error has occurred. Your signature may not have been changed." X.ChgSignSucceed="Your signature has been successfully changed." X.ChgUsrSucceed="User changed successfully." X.ChkForNewMail="Check for new mail (auto-checks done every 5 minutes)..." X.City="City" X.CityAlert="City Name is limited to 256 characters" X.ClkMoreInfo="Click here for more info" X.ClkViewHdrs="Click to view headers..." X.ClkViewMsg="Click subject to view message..." X.CloseWin="Close Window" X.ClrAddr="Clear Addresses" X.ClrAddrFld="Clear address fields..." X.ClrRcptList="Clear Recipient List" X.CmnAddrsDiv="---- Common Addresses ----" X.CompNewMsg="Compose new message..." X.ConfDelMsgs="Confirm delete messages" X.ConfPwd="Confirm Password" X.ConnType="Connection Type" X.ContHelpReq="Contains the message that the list server sends in reply to help requests." X.ContListFooter="Contains the text at the end of every message sent to the list." X.ContListHdr="Contains the text at the beginning of every message sent to the list." X.ContSep="Contains the lines or characters that user wants to use as separator." X.ContSubsReqMsg="Contains a message that the list server sends in reply to completion of a subscribe request." X.Contacts="Contacts" X.Contains="contains" X.Continue="Continue..." X.CookieNeeded="You must have Cookies enabled to change the display mode!" X.Country="Country" X.CountryAlert="Country Name is limited to 64 characters" X.Create="Create" X.CreateAFldr="Create a Folder" X.CreateNewList="Create New List" X.CurDom="Current Domain" X.CurStatUsr="Current Status of user" X.CurWin="Current window" X.DaySzExceed="(number of days if user-defined or kbytes if size-exceeds)" X.DefMaxMbxSz="Default Max Mailbox Size" X.DefMaxMsgs="Default Max Messages" X.DefUsrAtrb="Default User Attributes" X.Del="Delete" X.DelAll="Del All" X.DelAllConf="Are you SURE you want to delete ALL messages from this folder? This action cannot be undone." X.DelAllMsgsInFldr="Delete ALL messages in folder..." X.DelAllRules="This will delete ALL of your rules" X.DelDomConf="Permanently delete this domain \n and all related information?" X.DelHostFailed="An error has occurred. Host may not have been deleted." X.DelHostSucceed="Host deleted successfully." X.DelListConf="Permanently delete this list?" X.DelMsgFailed="Delete Message(s) Failed." X.DelMsgSuc="Delete Message(s) Succeeded." X.DelMsgs="Delete messages" X.DelNote="When a virtual host is deleted, ALL information related to it will be lost." X.DelOpts="Delete Options" X.DelSelMsgs="Delete selected (checked) messages..." X.DelTheMsg="Delete the message" X.DelTheMsgs="Delete the message(s)?" X.DelThisMsg="Delete this message..." X.DelUsrConf="Warning: The user's directory will be permanently deleted. Are you sure that you want to delete the selected user?" X.DelUsrDirConf="Warning: The user's directory will be permanently deleted. Are you sure that you want to delete the selected user?" X.DelUsrFailed="An error occurred. User may not have been deleted." X.DelUsrSucceed="User deleted successfully." X.DelVirHost="Delete Virtual Host" X.Delete="Delete" X.DeleteAll="Delete All" X.Deleted="Deleted" X.Desc="Descending" X.Description="Description" X.DestLimit="Destination is limited to 1024 characters." X.DestMin="Destination should be at least 3 characters long." X.DigFooter="Contains the text at the end of every digest posting." X.DigHdr="Contains the text at the beginning of every digest posting." X.DigHdrTxt="Digest_Header.txt" X.DigList="Digest List" X.DigMbx="Digest Mailbox" X.DigOpts="Digest Options" X.DigSepTxt="Digest_Separator.txt" X.DigTrailTxt="Digest_Trailer.txt" X.DisblListCmd="Disable List Command" X.DisblSubs="Disable Subscriptions (Private List)" X.DispMsgHdrs="Display Message Headers" X.Display="Display" X.DomDelStat="Domain Delete Status" X.DomainFltr="Domain Filters" X.DomainProcFltrs="Domain Processing Filters" X.Domains="Domains" X.DontEdtOriginMsg="Don't edit original message" X.DontInclAtt="Don't include attachments" X.DontInclOriginMsg="Don't include original message" X.Down="Down" X.Draft="Draft" X.DsblDate="Disabled Date" X.DsblUsrCount="Disabled User Count" X.DtaCmnRegSecMode="Data common for regular and secure mode" X.EditNews="Edit News" X.EditNewsMsg="Edit News Message " X.EditNewsStat="Edit News Status" X.EditRule="Edit Rule" X.EdtExstLists="Edit Existing Lists" X.EdtHostInRules="Edit Host Inbound Rule" X.EdtHostOutbRule="Edit Host Outbound Rule" X.EdtInRuleFor="Edit Inbound Rule for" X.EdtListRule="Edit List Rule" X.EdtNoListFile="Edit No List by That Name File" X.EdtOriginalMsg="Edit original message" X.EdtOutbRuleFor="Edit Outbound Rule for" X.EdtRuleFor="Edit Rule for" X.EdtSyntaxRespFile="Edit Syntax Response File" X.EdtWlcMessage="Edit Welcome Message" X.EdtWlcMsg="Edit Welcome Msg" X.EdtWlcStat="Edit Welcome Status" X.Email="Email Address" X.Enable="Enable" X.EnblCal="Enable Calendaring" X.EnblDigHdr="Enable Digest Header" X.EnblDigMode="Enable Digest Mode" X.EnblDigSep="Enable Digest Separator" X.EnblDigTrailer="Enable Digest Trailer" X.EnblHdr="Enable Header" X.EnblPostersList="Enable Posters List" X.EnblPwd="Enable Password" X.EnblSSL="Enable SSL" X.EnblSplChk="Enable Spell Checking" X.EnblSubjMod="Enable Subject Modification" X.EnblTrailer="Enable Trailer" X.EnblVirusScan="Enable Virus Scanning" X.EnblWebCal="Enable Web Calendaring" X.EntAddr="Please enter an address with the fully qualified domain name (i.e. user@domain.com)." X.EntAddrToFwd="Please enter an address to forward the message to." X.EntAlertAddr="You must enter an alert address." X.EntAliasID="Enter Alias ID." X.EntContentForRule="Please enter some content for the rule." X.EntFldrName="Enter folder name." X.EntFldrToRen="Enter folder name to rename." X.EntMaxNumMsg="Please Enter Numeric Value for maximum no. of messages !" X.EntMaxSglMsgSz="Enter valid number for Single Message Maximum Size" X.EntMbxSz="Please Enter Numeric Value for MailBox size !" X.EntNewAddr="Please enter the new address." X.EntNewNameForAddr="Please enter the new name for the address." X.EntOffcHostName="Please enter official host name." X.EntPortNum="Please enter a valid server port number." X.EntPrevSz="Please enter a preview size between 1 and 128." X.EntRedirAddr="You must enter a redirect address." X.EntTopDir="Enter Top Directory Name" X.EntUsrEmailAddr="Enter the user email address" X.EntValidMaxMsg="Enter valid number for Maximum Number of Messages." X.EntValidMaxMsgSz="Enter valid number for Maximum Message Size" X.EntValidMbxSz="Enter valid number for Maximum Mailbox Size." X.EntValidUsrCnt="Enter valid number for User Count" X.FIMax="Text length must be less than 1000 characters" X.FINote="This file will be sent as additional finger information if finger is enabled and is limited to 1000 characters. This feature is disabled if the text box is empty. Make your changes and press Save." X.FN="* First Name" X.FNAlert="First Name is limited to 32 characters" X.FieldLengthLimit="You cannot add more than %LengthLimit% characters total to this field." X.FieldName="Field Name" X.Filter="Filter" X.Filters="Filters" X.Find="Find" X.FingerInfo="Finger Info " X.Finish="Finish" X.FirstLtrHostName="First letter of official host name should be a-z" X.FirstName="First Name" X.FirstPage="FirstPage" X.FldrName="Folder Name" X.FldrNameLimit="Your new folder must not be longer than 15 characters." X.FltrAction="Filter Action" X.FltrName="Filter Name" X.FltrNote="Enter a search string in the text box above. Enable the checkbox to allow the search text to come from an external file. The listbox below shows a list of the existing rule files. Click on 'Update' to get the contents of selected rule file. The maximum limit for a direct search string (not from an external file) is 255. Search strings more than 255 will be truncated at 255." X.Folder="Folder" X.Folders="Folders" X.ForceSSL="Force SSL" X.Forward="Forward" X.From="From" X.Full="Full" X.FullMbxNtfy="Full Mailbox
Notify" X.FullMbxNtfyAddr="Full Mailbox
Notify Address" X.FullScrnConf="To view your mail in a full-screen window, you will need to\nOK this and the next dialog box (if presented)." X.FwdAddrAlert="Forward address must be at least 3 characters long" X.FwdAtt="Forward Attachments" X.FwdEdt="Forward Editing" X.FwdMsg="Forward message..." X.FwdMsgTo="Forward the message to" X.FwdMsgToRcpt="Forward this message to another recipient..." X.FwdNote="Your mail will be forwarded to the email address you enter here." X.Fwding="Forwarding" X.GoNextMsg="Go to the Next message..." X.GoPage="Go Page" X.GoPg="Go to page %PgNum%" X.GoPrevMsg="Go to the Previous message..." X.GotoMailbox="Goto Mailbox" X.HasNoFltrs="has no processing filters on file." X.Header="Header" X.HeaderTxt="Header.txt" X.Headers="Headers" X.Help="Help" X.HelpTxt="Help.txt" X.Hide="hide" X.HideFromInfoSvc="Hide From Information Services" X.HlpTopics="Help Topics" X.HostAdmin="Host Administrator" X.ImproperIP="This IP address is not proper, Please Select from list." X.InThe="in the" X.Inbound="Inbound" X.Inbox="Inbox " X.InclAll="include the entire original message" X.InclAtt="Include attachments" X.InclBody="include the body of the original message" X.InclHdrFooter="Include Headers/Trailers When Posting to Digest Mailbox" X.InclHeaders="include the header of the original message" X.InclOriginalMsg="Include original message" X.InclToHdr="include the 'To:' header of the original message" X.InitSortCrit="Initial sort criteria" X.InsAnd="Insert AND" X.InsOr="Insert OR" X.InvalidDel="Delete function works only when viewing email messages." X.InvalidDelAll="Delete All function works only when viewing email messages." X.InvalidFirstSeg="The first segment in the rule cannot be an '%Segment%'." X.InvalidFwd="Forward function works only when a message is being previewed." X.InvalidIP="The Server IP field must contain a valid IP address." X.InvalidLastSeg="The last segment in the rule cannot be an '%Segment%'." X.InvalidMbxName="Invalid mailbox name: \n\nThe '@' symbol is not allowed." X.InvalidPrint="Print function works only when viewing email messages." X.InvalidRep="Reply function works only when a message is being previewed." X.InvalidRepAll="Reply All function works only when a message is being previewed." X.InvalidRule="Invalid rule: The rule will not be added to the file." X.KillList="Kill List" X.LN="* Last Name" X.LNAlert="Last Name is limited to 32 characters" X.Lang="Languages..." X.LastLogin="Last Login" X.LastLoginDt="Last Login Date" X.LastMod="Last Modified" X.LastName="Last Name" X.LastPage="LastPage" X.LastProcTime="Last processing time" X.LastSrch="Last Search" X.LblAB="Address Book" X.LblBCC="BCC" X.LblCC="CC" X.LblDate="Date" X.LblEmailAddr="Email address" X.LblField="Field" X.LblFwd="Forward" X.LblMsg="Message" X.LblName="Name" X.LblNext="Next" X.LblPrev="Prev" X.LblPrint="Print" X.LblReply="Reply" X.LblSrchDir="Searchable Directory" X.LblSubject="Subject" X.LblTo="To" X.Limit="Limit" X.ListAdmin="List Administration" X.ListAdminFor="List Administration for" X.ListAdministrator="List Administrator" X.ListFiles="List Files" X.ListFltrs="List Filters" X.ListHelpDesc="To add an address fill-in the edit box and press %AddButton%.

To modify an address select the address from the list and fill in the edit box with the new address and press %ModButton%.

To delete an address select the address from the list OR fill in the edit box and press %DelButton%" X.ListNameLimit="List name should be between 3 to 23 characters." X.ListNameRestrict="List names must consist of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _(underscore) and -(hyphen) only." X.ListOpts="List Options" X.LocalAddr="Local Address" X.LogIn="Log In" X.LogOff="Log Off" X.LogOffMsg="'Bye now, see you soon." X.LogOffWebmail="Log off the webmail system..." X.LoginDt="Login Date" X.LoginFail="Sorry, invalid login. Try again..." X.LoginTime="Login Time" X.MailDirection="Mail Direction" X.MailSendOpts="Mail Sending Options" X.ManageDigSubs="Manage Digest Subscribers" X.ManageKillList="Manage Kill List" X.ManageListSubs="Manage List Subscribers" X.ManageMyFldrs="Manage my folders..." X.ManageVirHosts="Manage Virtual Hosts " X.MatchCase="Match Case" X.MaxMbxSz="Max Mailbox Size" X.MaxMbxSzDesc="The maximum size (in bytes) for each mailbox created in the user's mail account. If a mailbox exceeds the maximum, any new mail for the mailbox is returned to the sender. Enter 0 for unlimited size." X.MaxMsgSz="Max Message Size" X.MaxMsgs="Max Messages" X.MaxNumLoginsAtmps="Maximum Number of Login Attempts" X.MaxNumMsgDesc="The maximum number of messages (the total for all mailboxes created in the user's mail account). If the maximum is exceeded, any new mail for the user is returned to the sender. Enter 0 for unlimited size." X.MaxNumMsgs="Max Number Messages" X.MaxNumTimeSusp="Maximum Number of
Time Suspended" X.MaxOutMsgSz="Maximum Outbound
Message Size" X.MaxSuspDur="Maximum Suspended
Duration (seconds)" X.MaxUsrCount="Maximum User Count" X.MaxWin="Maximize window to full screen..." X.MbxSzWarn="WARNING! Your mail account is over 90% full!\nPlease delete old mail, and empty your Deleted Folder\nimmediately to avoid having new mail bounce." X.MdForLastReq="Mode for last request" X.ModFldr="Modify a Folder" X.ModFldrFailed="You cannot modify or delete a folder\nthat has subfolders present." X.ModFwdFailed="An error occurred. Email forwarding address may not have been changed." X.ModFwdSucceed="Email forwarding address enabled successfully." X.ModHostFailed="An error occurred. Host may not have been modified." X.ModHostName="Modify %HostName%" X.ModHostSucceed="Host modified successfully." X.ModList="Modify list" X.ModListOptFailed="An error occurred. List options may not have been changed." X.ModListOptSucceed="List options modified successfully." X.ModNote="To rename a folder, choose it from the list to the right. Enter a new name in the box below and click on the Rename button.

To delete a folder, choose it from the list and click on the Delete button. Deleting a folder will delete ALL the messages it contains." X.ModPosterAddrList="Modify List Poster Address List" X.ModUser="Modify User" X.ModUsrAcct="Modify User Account" X.ModUsrConf="\Are you sure to modify user information?" X.ModUsrInfoFailed="An error occurred. User information may not have been changed." X.ModUsrInfoSucceed="User information modified successfully." X.ModVirHost="Modify Virtual Host" X.Modify="Modify" X.MonSysLog="Monitor System Log " X.MoveTo="Move To" X.Msg="Message" X.MsgCnt="(%MsgCnt% Message)" X.MsgCntP="(%MsgCnt% Messages)" X.MsgCount="Message Count" X.MsgDispOpts="Message Display Options" X.MsgNew="New Message from %FromAddr%" X.MsgP="Messages" X.MsgPreview="Message Preview" X.MustSelFromList="You must select an address from the list." X.MvMsgToMbx="Move the message to this mailbox" X.MvSelMsgsTo="Move selected messages to..." X.MvToDelFldr="Move to %DeletedMailbox% folder" X.MvToFldr="Move to folder..." X.MvToFolder="...move to this folder" X.MyAutoResp="My Auto-Responders" X.MyFldrs="My Folders" X.MyFltrs="My Filters" X.MyFwdAddr="My Forwarding Address" X.MyOpts="My Options..." X.MySign="My Signature" X.MyUsrInfo="My User Info" X.MyVacMsg="My Vacation Message" X.MyVacResp="My Vacation Message Recipients" X.Name="Name" X.NeedPass="You must enter your password." X.NeedUID="You must enter your user id." X.New="New" X.NewFldrFailed="You cannot create a new folder named %FolderName%." X.NewFldrNote="Enter the name of a new folder to create, and optionally specify a parent folder. The folder name must not exceed 15 characters, and must not contain special characters or periods. You or others can send email directly to a folder with no spaces in the name by using an email address like \'yourname-foldername@yourdomain.com\'." X.NewFltrNote="Enter a mailbox or an email address in the text field. Incoming mail will be directed to this mailbox or email address when the rule is asserted. If nothing is entered in the textbox the filtered message will be placed in a mailbox named, 'new'." X.NewMsg="new message" X.NewMsgs="new messages" X.NewOutFltrNote="Select the rule action from the popdown list. Enter an email address in the text field. Outbound mail will be directed to this email address according to the rule action when the rule is asserted." X.NewPwd="New Password" X.NewsChgFailed="An error occurred. News message may not have been changed." X.NewsChgSucceed="News message changed successfully." X.NewsMax="Text length must be less than 1000 characters" X.NewsNote="The news appears on the first screen after login. Please limit the length to 1000 characters; you may use HTML code if desired. Enter <br> for carriage returns." X.Next="Next" X.NextPage="NextPage" X.NextProcDt="Next processing date" X.NextProcTime="Next processing time" X.No="No" X.NoAutoPrint="Sorry, your browser does not support automatic printing.\n\nTo print this page, select Print from the File menu." X.NoBlanckSubjBody="The Subject and Body should not both be blank." X.NoBrowserSupport="Sorry, your browser does not support this feature!" X.NoDotInFldrName="Your new folder name must not contain a period." X.NoEmailWhileOut="Nobody has sent you e-mail while you were out." X.NoFilesAtt="No files are attached." X.NoFltrsInList="You have no processing filters for this list." X.NoMsg="No messages in the %MbxName% folder." X.NoMsgBodySplChk="There is no message body to spellcheck." X.NoMsgs="No Messages" X.NoPlaceContent="Content cannot be placed in the PHRASE field if the rule segment should read from a rule file." X.NoProcFltrs="You have no processing filters on file." X.NoSpcAllowed="Your new folder name must not contain spaces." X.NoSplChkForDomain="Spell check is not enabled for this domain." X.NoSuspUsrs="There are currently no users suspended in this domain." X.NoWebAccess="Your account does not allow web access." X.None="None" X.NotContain="doesn't contain" X.NumAdsSent="Number of Advertisements sent" X.NumAttProc="Number of Attachments processed" X.NumBytesRecv="Number of bytes received" X.NumBytesSent="Number of bytes sent" X.NumCurLogins="Number of users logged in currently" X.NumGifsSent="Number of GIF files sent" X.NumHtmlSent="Number of HTML files sent" X.NumLogins="Number of logins since service startup" X.NumMailsSent="Number of mails sent" X.NumMsgPerPg="Number of messages per page" X.NumReqRecv="Number of requests received" X.NumRespSent="Number of responses sent" X.NumUsrTO="Number of users timed out" X.ONAlert="Organization Name is limited to 256 characters" X.OUAlert="Organization Unit Name is limited to 256 characters" X.OfThe="of the" X.OffHostName="Official Host Name" X.OldPwd="Old Password" X.Only32Dict="Only 32 dictionaries may be selected at once." X.OnlyModCanPost="Only Moderator can post" X.OnlySubCanPost="Only Subscribers can post" X.OpenAB="Open Address Book..." X.OpenABSelBCC="Open address book and select Blind Carbon Copy address(es)..." X.OpenABSelCC="Open address book and select Carbon Copy address(es)..." X.OpenABSelTo="Open address book and select To address(es)..." X.OpenPersonalAB="Open personal address book..." X.OpenPersonalCal="Open your personal calendar..." X.OpenSrchDir="Open searchable directory..." X.OpenWebCalIn="Open Web Calendaring in" X.OptsAndStyles="Options and Styles..." X.Org="Organization" X.OtherFiles="Other Files" X.OutOf="out of" X.Outbound="Outbound" X.OwnerNameLimit="Owner name should be at least 3 characters." X.OwnerNameRestrict="Owner name must consist of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _(underscore), .(period) and -(hyphen) only" X.PAAlert="Postal Address is limited to 64 characters" X.PM="P.M." X.PerAddrs="Personal Addresses" X.Percent="percent" X.Periodicity="Periodicity" X.Pg="Page %CurPage% of %TotPage%" X.Phone="Telephone" X.PhoneAlert="Telephone number is limited to 32 characters" X.Phrase="Phrase" X.PickStyle="Pick a Style..." X.PosterList="Poster List" X.Prefs="Preferences" X.Prev="Prev" X.Preview="Preview " X.Print="Print" X.PrintMsg="Print message..." X.PrintThisMsg="Print this message..." X.PriorPage="PriorPage" X.ProcFltrsFor="Processing Filters for" X.ProcItems="Processing Items" X.ProcSendNow="Process/Send Now" X.PurgeMsg="Purge message" X.Pwd="Password" X.PwdAlert="Passwords must be at least 3 characters long." X.PwdDontMatch="The passwords don't match." X.PwdLengthNoMatch="The password lengths don't match." X.PwdReq="Passwords may be from 3 to 30 characters long and cannot contain spaces." X.RcptPerMsg="Number of Recipients per Message" X.ReadMail="Read Mail" X.RealIP="Real IP" X.RealIPAddr="Real IP Address" X.RedirectTo="Redirect to" X.Refresh="Refresh" X.RegMode="Regular Mode" X.RegModeFaster="Regular Mode (faster)" X.RegModeNote="Regular (non-SSL) Mode\nThis mode is faster than Secure Socket Layer mode,\nbut remember that email travels across the internet\nunencrypted and readable by packet sniffers." X.RemHint="If you check the Remember Me option, your login information will be stored on your computer in a small, harmless file called a cookie, so that you will not need to enter that information on your next visit. You should check this option ONLY IF this is your own private computer, or if you are logged into a shared computer with a secure user account. If you have trouble with this feature, make sure your browser options are set to accept cookies." X.RememberMe="Remember Me" X.Remove="Remove" X.Rename="Rename" X.RepAll="Reply All" X.RepMsg="Reply message (original message indicator)" X.RepToAll="Reply to the sender and all recipients of this message..." X.RepToAllAddr="Reply to all addresses on message..." X.RepToEmail="Reply To Email" X.RepToList="Reply to List" X.RepToMsg="Reply to message..." X.RepToSender="Reply to the sender of this message..." X.Reply="Reply" X.ReplyAll="Reply All" X.Replying="Replying" X.ReqInfo="*Required Information." X.Reset="Reset" X.RespMsgMaxLength="Text length must be less than 1024 characters" X.RestoreWin="Restore window to regular size..." X.RuleSegPosWrong="The rule segment is not positioned in the rule correctly." X.Rules="Rules" X.SSL="SSL Encrypted (secure within your domain)" X.SSLActive="Secure (SSL) Mode Active\nThis mode is slower, but all communications\nwith others in your domain will be encrypted\nand unreadable across the internet." X.Save="Save" X.SaveAddr="Save Address" X.SaveAddrInAB="Save address in your personal address book..." X.SaveDraft="Save Draft" X.SaveDraftAltV="Save Draft (Alt-V)" X.SaveMsgInFldr="Save message in %FldSnt% folder" X.SaveSentInFldr="Save copy of outgoing mail in %SentFolder% folder" X.SecMode="Secure Mode" X.SelAddrToAdd="Please select an address to add." X.SelAliasFromList="Select alias name from list box." X.SelAndClose="Select and Close" X.SelCond="Please select a condition." X.SelDictList="Please select a dictionary from the list." X.SelDicts="Select dictionaries, then click Spell Check" X.SelDomain="Select a domain" X.SelField="Select Field" X.SelFieldToSrch="Select the FIELD that you want to search." X.SelFileName="Please select a file name." X.SelFldr="Select a folder from the list or enter a new folder. If no new folder name is specified, the folder name will be 'new'." X.SelHost="Select host name from list." X.SelIP="Select a Real IP address from list or enter new Virtual Address." X.SelMbxToSrch="Select the mailbox(es) that you want to search." X.SelMsgArea="Please select a message area from the list box." X.SelNote="Select a folder to view its current autoresponse message. You may optionally specify a forwarding address, to which the incoming message will be sent after the autoresponse is generated.

The first line of message is used as the subject line for automated response; it must be shorter than 80 characters. This message will be sent to each user that sends mail to the specified folder, and is limited to 1024 characters. The autoresponder is disabled if the message box is empty.

You can use the following variables in the body (not subject line) of your autoresponder messages for a more personalized response." X.SelOptToMove="Please select an option from the list box to move '%Button%'." X.SelRule="Please select a rule file from the list box." X.SelRuleSeg="Please select a rule segment from the list box." X.SelRuleToUpdt="Please select a rule segment from the list box to update." X.SelUsr="Select user name from listbox." X.Send1="Send One" X.Send="Send" X.SendAll="Send All" X.SendMsg="Send Message" X.SendMsgAltS="Send Message (Alt-S)" X.SendTo="Send To" X.SendWithCopy="Send with Copy to" X.Sender="Sender" X.Sent="Sent" X.Set="Set" X.SetDigOpts="Set Digest Options" X.SetListOpts="Set List Options" X.ShowAsLinks="Show as links" X.ShowWithMsgText="Show with message text" X.SigAlert="Your signature must be less than 1000 characters." X.SigNote="This text will be auto-entered as a signature at the end
of your messages, and is limited to 1000 characters.
This feature is disabled if the text box is empty." X.Signature="Signature" X.SingleMsgMaxSz="Single Message Max Size" X.Size="Size" X.SizeKb="Size (kb)" X.SortByAddr="Sort by Address" X.SortByDomain="Sort by Domain" X.SortMsgs="Sort Messages" X.SpcNotAllowed="Spaces are not allowed in passwords." X.SpcUtilBytes="Space Utilization (bytes)" X.SpellChk="Spell Check" X.SpellChkAltP="Spell Check (Alt-P)" X.SplChkInUse="Spell checker is already in use, and cannot be launched again." X.SplChkNA="Spell Check is currently unable to transmit your message securely. Do you wish to run Spell Check anyway?" X.SpoolDir="Spool Directory" X.SpoolDirMgmt="Spool Directory Management" X.Srch="Search" X.SrchAddrs="Search Addresses" X.SrchAll="Search All Folders" X.SrchMsgs="Search messages..." X.SrchNone="Sorry, there are no messages that match your criteria." X.SrchRslt="Search Results" X.SrchStrFromFile="Search string from file" X.SrchStrNote="Enter a search string in the text box below. Enable the checkbox to allow the search text to come from an external file. The listbox shows a list of the existing rule files. Click on '%updatebtn%' to get the contents of selected rule file. The maximum limit for a direct search string (not from an external file) is 255. Search strings more than 255 will be truncated at 255." X.SrchWait="Searching, please wait..." X.StatAccts="Status of Accounts" X.StatUsrAcct="Status of User Accounts" X.State="State" X.StateNameAlert="State Name is limited to 64 characters" X.Status="Status" X.StreetAddr="Street Address" X.StreetAddrAlert="Street Address is limited to 256 characters " X.StripNonTxtAtt="Strip Non Text Attachments" X.SubFdlrOf="Subfolder of..." X.SubFldrCreation="Sub-folder Creation" X.Subj="Subj" X.SubjForDig="Subject Line for Digest Posting" X.Subject="Subject" X.SubsList="Subscribers List" X.SubscribTxt="Subscrib.txt" X.SuspAcct="Suspended Accounts" X.SuspUsrAccts="Suspended User Accounts" X.SuspUsrCount="Suspended User Count" X.SysAdm="System Administrator" X.SysLogLog="IMail Syslog Log " X.SysStats="System Statistics" X.SystemLog="IMail System Log " X.SzByte="%Bytes% bytes" X.TextAtt="Text attachments" X.To="To" X.ToInbox="Send To InBox" X.ToMinLength="The To address should be at least 3 characters long" X.TopDir="Top Directory" X.Total="Total" X.TotalFiles="Total # of files" X.TrailerTxt="Trailer.txt" X.TxtFldIsBlank="The text field for the %ListName% is blank." X.TxtPhraseTooBig="The text phrase is greater than 255 characters" X.UIDMin="The UserID must be at least 3 characters long" X.UIDRestrict="The User ID must consist only of alphanumeric, -(hyphen) and _ (underscore) characters" X.Up="Up" X.Update="Update" X.UpdtAliases="Update Aliases" X.UpdtAttrbs="Update Attributes" X.UpdtCond="Update Condition" X.UpdtLists="Update Lists" X.UpdtRules="Update Rules" X.UpdtUsrs="Update Users" X.UseClas="Use the Classic (frameless) interface" X.UseJava="For spell check applet, use Java" X.UserAdmin="User Administration" X.UserCount="User Count" X.UserID="User ID" X.UserIDRestrict="User IDs may be from 3 to 30 characters long and may consist only of alphanumeric, '_','-' and periods." X.UserInfo="User Info" X.UserName="User Name" X.UserPrefs="User Preferences" X.UserStats="User Statistics" X.Users="Users" X.UsrCannotChgPwd="User cannot change password" X.UsrCannotModLdap="User cannot modify LDAP attributes" X.UsrDir="User Directory" X.UtilOpts="Utility Options" X.VacAlert="The vacation message is limited to 1000 characters." X.VacMsg="Vacation Message" X.VacMsgRcpt="Vacation Msg Recipients" X.VacNote="Your vacation message will be sent once to each user that sends you mail and is limited to 1000 characters. This feature is disabled if the text box is empty." X.VacRecpList="The following people sent e-mail while you were out" X.Value="Value" X.VirDomainAdmin="Virtual Domain Administration" X.VirDomains="Virtual Domains" X.VirtAddr="Virtual Address" X.Virtual="Virtual" X.WaitingItems="Waiting Items" X.WebAccessLog="Web Access Log" X.Welc="Welcome to KillerWebMail!" X.WhenThe="When the" X.WlcFName="Welcome, %FName%!" X.WlcMax="Text length must be less than 1000 characters" X.WlcMsg="This is language specific text." X.WlcNote="The welcome message appears on the login screen. Please limit the length to 1000 characters; you may use HTML code if desired. Enter <br> for carriage returns." X.Yes="Yes" X.ZipAlert="Postal Code (zip)" // // Classic WebMail // X.AcctOpts="Account Options" X.AcctSize="Account Size" X.AddressBook="Address Book" X.AddrExists="Address Already Exists" X.AlertAdmin="Alert Administrator" X.Alias="Alias" X.AliasID="Alias ID" X.AliasIDNote="Alias names are limited to 45 characters and must be created from the character set of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, '_' and '-'. The name cannot contain spaces and must be unique within the system but can override the userid." X.AliasType="Alias Type" X.All="All" X.AllMbx="All Mailboxes" X.AskForHelp="Contact Webmail Support" X.Attachments="Attachments" X.AttNoteCwm="Click the Browse button to select the file you want to attach or type the path and name of the file into the box below. To attach file(s), click Attach. To remove attachments, select a file(s) in the list and click Remove." X.AutoResp="Auto Response" X.AVAdmin="Anti-Virus Admin" X.AVModFailed="The Anti-Virus modification failed." X.AVModResult="The Anti-Virus modification result." X.AVModSuccess="The Anti-Virus modification succeeded." X.BlindCC="Blind Carbon-Copy (BCC)" X.Both="Both" X.CarbonCpy="Carbon-Copy (CC)" X.ChgSubsTxt="Change Subscription Text" X.ClrVacRcpts="Clear Vacation Message Recipients" X.CommonName="Common Name" X.Compose="Compose" X.ConfSentMsg="Confirm sent messages" X.Count="Count" X.CWMVer="Classic WebMail" X.DelFldr="Delete a Folder" X.DelNoteCwm="To delete a folder, choose it from the list and click on the Delete button. Deleting a folder will delete ALL the messages it contains." X.Dest="Destination" X.EdtHlpFile="Edit Help File for List" X.EntFileAttName="Please enter the filename to attach." X.EntUsrInfo="Enter your user information." X.EntUsrName="Please Enter New User Name" X.ErrCode="Error Code" X.ExpirePageView="Check here if others use this computer and you wish to expire page views (increased security)." X.FileName="File Name" X.Files="File(s)" X.FindWhat="Find What" X.FldrInfo="Folder Information" X.GotoFldr="Go to Folder" X.GoToPg="Go To Page" X.Group="Group" X.GrpAlias="Group Aliases" X.GrpAliasNote="A group alias points to a file that contains a list of valid mail addresses, one per line. Please type the complete path and name of file which contains list of valid mail addresses. Path name should be given in DOS 8.3 Format." X.GrpFN="Group FileName" X.InclSig="Include Signature" X.InfFileAct="Infected File Action" X.Kb="Kb" X.Login="Login" X.MainMbxOnly="Main mailbox only" X.Mb="Mb" X.MbLimit="Mb Limit" X.Mbx="Mailbox" X.Menu="Menu" X.MenuHlp="Display the main folder menu..." X.ModNoteCwm="To rename a folder, choose it from the list to the right. Enter a new name in the box below and click on the Rename button." X.MsgBody="Message Body" X.MsgDelFailed="Failed to delete message(s)." X.MsgDeliveredFailed="Message delivery failed." X.MsgDeliveredSucceed="Message delivered." X.MsgDelSucceed="Message(s) deleted." X.MsgFwdDesc="This file causes all your mail to be sent to the address specified. This feature is disabled if the text box is empty. Make your changes and press save." X.MsgMovedFailed="Failed to move message(s)" X.MsgMovedSucceed="Message(s) moved." X.MsgReadFailed="The Mailbox is empty or the message sequence has changed. Please wait a few moments and try again." X.Msgs="Message(s)" X.MvToDeletedFldr="Move to deleted folder" X.NoMsgIn="No Messages in the" X.NoRules="This domain does not have a mailing rule." X.NoUsrLogOn="There are no users currently logged in." X.OrgUnit="Organization Unit" X.OwnerNameMin="Owner name must be at least 3 characters long." X.Page="Page" X.PasssFileByName="Pass file by name" X.PerMbx="Per Mailbox" X.PrntVer="Printable Version" X.RenFldr="Rename a Folder" X.RprInfFiles="Repair Infected Files" X.Rule="Rule" X.RuleName="Rule Name" X.SaveInSent="Save message in Sent folder" X.SaveMsg="Save Message" X.SaveOutMail="Save copy of outgoing mail in Sent folder" X.SelAddrs="Select address(es), then click..." X.SelectAll="Select All" X.SelMultiFldr="Ctrl-click to select
multiple folders" X.ShowNewMsgFor="Show new messages for" X.SpecFolder="Specify Folder" X.SrchNotes="Note: Multiple word entries are considered phrases. Do not enclose the entries in quotes." X.Std="Standard" X.StdAlias="Standard Aliases" X.StdAliasNote="A standard alias can point to a single userid on the same system, multiple userids on the same system, a remote mail address, multiple mail addresses, another alias, or any combination of the same. Please enter one complete mail address per line. If Standard alias is greater than 128 characters, it gets converted into a Group alias. If a file name is given then it is taken as group file name; otherwise the alias name is taken as group file name." X.SvrIntErr="IMail Server Internal Error" X.SvrIP="Server IP" X.SvrPort="Server Port" X.SwitchFldr="Switch Folder" X.Top="Top" X.UseCookie="Check here if this is your private computer and you want to use cookies to store your log-in information." X.UsrAtrb="User Attributes" X.ViewMail="View Mail" X.ViewMailHlp="Display list of messages..." X.WebMail="WebMail" X.WebMsgErr="An error occurred in Web Messaging." X.WelcCWM="Welcome to our WebMail System" X.Where="Where" // // Calendar // X.AddEvt="Add An Event" X.AddNew="Add new E-Mail address on next line" X.AddNote="Add Note" X.AddTask="Add A Task" X.After="After" X.AllEvts="All Events" X.AllFutureTasks="All Future Tasks" X.AllNotes="All Notes" X.AllPrevTasks="All Previous Tasks" X.AllTasks="All Tasks" X.Annv="Anniversary" X.AppChgTo="Apply changes to" X.Appt="Appointment" X.apr="Apr" X.Apr="April" X.At="at" X.AttendList2KMax="Attendee's List should not be greater than 2000 characters!" X.aug="Aug" X.Aug="August" X.BackToWebMail="Back to WebMail" X.BDay="Birthday" X.Before="Before" X.BiWeekly="Biweekly" X.BulkDel="Bulk Delete" X.Business="Business" X.CalDelConf="Do you really want to delete this calendar?" X.CalExists="This calendar already exist!" X.CalList="Calendar List" X.CalMgmt="Calendar Management" X.CalName="Calendar Name" X.CalNameMax15="Calendar name should not be greater than 15 characters!" X.CalPref="Calendar Preferences" X.ClkAll="click all" X.ClkHrs="Clock Hours (12 / 24 Hrs.)" X.ClkMakeSel="Please click the checkbox to make a selection" X.ClkToAddToCal="Click the 'Confirm' button to add '%TitleEvent%' to your %CurrentCalendar% Calendar." X.Completed="Completed" X.Conf="Confidential" X.Confirm="Confirm" X.Confirmed="Confirmed" X.CookiesOff="Cookies are disabled from browser setting!" X.Corrupted="Corrupted" X.CreateCal="Create Calendar" X.Daily="Daily" X.Day="Day" X.Days="Day(s)" X.DayView="Day View" X.dec="Dec" X.Dec="December" X.DefCalName="Default Calendar Name" X.DefCalView="Default View of Calendar" X.Del1EvtConf="Do you want to delete the event?" X.DelAddrConf="Do you really want to delete the addressee?" X.DelCalConf="Are you sure you want to deleted the selected items from the calendar ?" X.DelEvtConf="Do you really want to delete the events?" X.DelInvtConf="Do you really want to delete this invitation?" X.DelLastCalConf="You are about to delete the last calendar! After this a default calendar will be created.\nDo you want to continue?" X.DelNoteConf="Do you really want to delete this note entry?" X.DelSelCalConf="Do you really want to delete the selected calendar?" X.DelSelInvts="Do you really want to delete the selected invitation(s)?" X.DelTaskConf="Do you want to delete the Task?" X.DelTasksConf="Do you really want to delete the Tasks?" X.DescEvnt="Description of Event" X.DescMax512="Please enter note description less than 512 characters" X.DescTask="Description of Task" X.DestAddrNote="The destination is the email address the alias will point to, such as Phillip_Thomas@domain.com. " X.DispAllTasks="Display all tasks" X.DispCompTsk="Display completed Tasks" X.DispTsksForCurCal="Displaying all tasks for the current calendar" X.Done="Done" X.DoNotRepeat="Do NOT Repeat" X.DSTEnbl="Daylight Savings Time Enable" X.DT="Date and Time" X.DueDate="Due Date" X.DueTasks="Due Tasks" X.EditNotes="Edit Notes" X.EditTask="Edit Task" X.End="End" X.EndTimeForDay="End Time for Day" X.EntAlphaOnly="Enter alpha-numeric characters only" X.EntCalName="Please enter proper name for default calendar!" X.EntDefCalName="Please enter default calendar name" X.EntDescMax255="Please enter description less than 255 characters!" X.Enter="Enter" X.EntEvtRecur="You must enter some value for Recurrence of event !" X.EntEvtTitle="Please Enter Event Title!" X.EntEvtTitleMax="Please enter the numeric value for the number of characters\nin the event title !" X.EntLocMax255="Please enter location less than 255 characters!" X.EntMaxEvtRecur="Please enter the numeric value for the Maximum number of Recurrance of event !" X.EntMaxSrch="Please enter the numeric value for the maximum no. of search \n result in a page!" X.EntNoteTitle="Please Enter note Title !!!" X.EntNum="enter a number" X.EntNumEvtRepeat="Enter the numeric value for the number of events to be repeated!" X.EntNumEvtsRepeat="Enter the valid value for the number of events to be repeated!" X.EntNumRecur="You have not entered the number for recurring the event.\nPlease enter the number or click No Repeat option!" X.EntNumRecurTask="You have not entered the number for recurring the Task.\nPlease enter the number or click No Repeat option!" X.EntNumTaskRepeat="Enter the numeric value for the number of tasks to be repeated!" X.EntReminderEmail="Please Enter E-Mail Address For Reminder!" X.EntTaskRep="You have not entered the number of times the task should occur.\nPlease enter the number or click the \"Do NOT Repeat\" option!" X.EntTaskTitle="Please Enter Task Title!" X.EntTaskTitleMax="Please enter the numeric value for the number of characters\nin the task title !" X.EntTitleMax80="Please enter title less than 80 characters!" X.EntTitleToSrch="Please enter title to search!" X.EntURLMax255="Please enter URL less than 255 characters!" X.EntValidCalName="Please enter the proper Name for the calendar!" X.EntValidTaskRepeat="Enter the valid value for the number of tasks to be repeated!" X.EventShouldOccur="This event should occur" X.Every="Every" X.EveryEighth="Every Eighth" X.EveryFifth="Every Fifth" X.EveryFourth="Every Fourth" X.EveryNineth="Every Nineth" X.EveryOther="Every Other" X.EverySeventh="Every Seventh" X.EverySixth="Every Sixth" X.EveryTenth="Every Tenth" X.EveryThird="Every Third" X.Evt="Event" X.EvtOccurs="the event occurs" X.EvtRecurMax105="You can recur the event for 105 times only !" X.EvtRecurMax25="You can recur the event for 25 times only !" X.EvtRecurMax60="You can recur the event for 60 times only !" X.EvtRepeatMax105="You can not repeat the event more than 105 times!" X.EvtRepeatMax25="You can not repeat the event more than 25 times!" X.EvtRepeatMax365="You can not repeat the event more than 365 times!" X.EvtRepeatMax60="You can not repeat the event more than 60 times!" X.EvtTitleMax80="At the most 80 characters can be displayed for the event title !" X.feb="Feb" X.Feb="February" X.Final="Final" X.ForDay="For Day" X.ForMonth="For Month" X.ForWeek="For Week" X.ForYear="For Year" X.fri="Fri" X.Fri="Friday" X.FriF="F" X.GI="General Information" X.Gifts="Gifts" X.Go="Go" X.Goto="Goto" X.GrdIntvl4DayView="Grid Interval for Day View" X.Greetings="Greetings" X.GridIntvForDayView="Grid Interval for Day View" X.HalfHr="Half Hour" X.High="2 (High)" X.Holiday="Holiday" X.Hours="Hour(s)" X.ImailWebMsg="IMail Web Messaging" X.InProc="In-Process" X.InvalidDate1="End Date and Time should be greater than the Start Date and Time!" X.InvalidDate2="Due Date and Time should be greater than the Start Date and Time!" X.InvalidEndTime="Your end time for day is invalid !\nPlease select the proper option ." X.Invitations="Invitations" X.InviteeList="Invitee List" X.InviteList2KMax="Invitee's List should not be greater than 2000 characters!" X.Invites="Invitation(s)" X.InviteTitle="Invitation Title" X.jan="Jan" X.Jan="January" X.jul="Jul" X.Jul="July" X.jun="Jun" X.Jun="June" X.Loc="Location" X.Locked="Locked" X.Low="4 (Low)" X.ManageCal="Manage Calendars" X.Manual="Manual" X.mar="Mar" X.Mar="March" X.Max105="Max. 105" X.Max15="Max. 15 characters" X.Max15="Max. 15 Chars." X.Max255="Max. 255 Chars" X.Max25="Max. 25" X.Max365="Max. 365" X.Max512="Max. 512 Chars." X.Max60="Max. 60" X.Max80="Max. 80 Chars" X.MaxEvtTsk="Maximum number of Events / Tasks / Notes to be displayed in various views" X.MaxEvtTskRecur="Maximum number of times Events or Tasks can recur" X.MaxLenEvtNoteTitleDisp="Max. Length of Event/Note Title to Display" X.MaxLenTaskTitleDisp="Max. Length of Task Title to Display" X.MaxNotesDisp="Max. Number of Notes to Display in Note View" X.MaxNumEvtDispInWkMthVw="Max. Number of Events to Display For A Day in Week/Month View" X.MaxNumTaskDisp="Max. Number of Tasks to Display in TaskList" X.MaxRecur365="You can recur the event for 365 times only" X.MaxRecurEvts="Maximum Number of Recurring Events" X.MaxTaskRepeat105="You can not repeat the task more than 105 times!" X.MaxTaskRepeat25="You can not repeat the task more than 25 times!" X.MaxTaskRepeat365="You can not repeat the task more than 365 times!" X.MaxTaskRepeat60="You can not repeat the task more than 60 times!" X.MaxTitleLen="Maximum length of Title in views" X.may="May" X.May="May" X.Meeting="Meeting" X.Mins="Minutes" X.ModAddrConf="Do you really want to modify the addressee?" X.Mode="mode" X.mon="Mon" X.Mon="Monday" X.MonM="M" X.Month="Month" X.Monthly="Monthly" X.MonthView="Month View" X.NameMax15="The name should not be more than 15 characters!" X.NameMin3="The name should be atleast 3 characters long!" X.NeedsAct="Needs-Action" X.NewName="New Name" X.NoAddrInAB="No addresses present in the Address Book!" X.NonExistant="Non-Existant" X.NoNotes="No Notes" X.NoResult="No Results Found!" X.Normal="3 (Normal)" X.NoTask="No Task" X.NoTasksInCal="There are no tasks for the current calendar" X.Note="Note" X.NoteDescMax512="Note description should not be greater than 512 characters!" X.Notes="Notes" X.NoteTitle="Note Title" X.NoteTitleMax80="Note title should not be greater than 80 characters!" X.nov="Nov" X.Nov="November" X.NumRepeatsNeeded="You have not entered the number of times the event should occur.\nPlease enter the number or click the \"Do NOT Repeat\" option!" X.oct="Oct" X.Oct="October" X.Off="Off" X.OK="OK" X.On="On" X.OneHr="One Hour" X.OnlyThisTask="Only This Task" X.Options="Options" X.Personal="Personal" X.Priority="Priority" X.QtrHr="Quarter Hour" X.RegModeActive="Regular mode active" X.Regular="regular" X.Reject="Reject" X.Remind1="Set first reminder to occur" X.Remind2="Set second reminder to occur" X.Reminder="Reminder" X.RenDelCal="Rename/Delete Calendar" X.RenSelCal="Do you really want to rename the selected calendar?" X.Repeat="Repeat" X.RepeatEndDateNeeded="You must select an option which determines when the repeated event must stop repeating." X.RepeatEvtUntil="Repeat this event until" X.Repeating="Repeating" X.RepeatUntil="Repeat this task until" X.RepEvtOnlyOn="Repeat this event ONLY on the following day(s)" X.RepOnlyOn="Repeat this task ONLY on the following day(s)" X.ReqDetails="Request Details" X.ReqList="Request List" X.sat="Sat" X.Sat="Saturday" X.SatS="S" X.SaveAndAdd="Save & Add Another" X.SecModeActive="Secure mode active" X.Secure="secure" X.SelACal="Select a Calendar" X.SelAddrFromAB="Please select address from the Address Book!" X.SelAndDel="Make a selection and click 'Delete'" X.SelCalFromList="Select a calendar name from the calendar list." X.SelCalRenDel="Select a calendar to rename or delete..." X.SelCalToDel="Select the calendar to be deleted!" X.SelCalToRename="Select the calendar to be renamed!" X.SelDel="Please select the items to be deleted!" X.sep="Sep" X.Sep="September" X.Shopping="Shopping" X.SrchResults="Search Results - I_Calendar" X.SrchTitleFor="Searched title for" X.SSLError="Force SSL request received on non SSL port! You are logged out!!" X.Start="Start" X.StartDate="Start Date" X.StartDayOfWk="Start Day of Week" X.StartEnd="Start/End Time for Day" X.StartTime="Start Time" X.StartTimeForDay="Start Time for Day" X.sun="Sun" X.Sun="Sunday" X.SunS="S" X.SzExceeds="Size-Exceeds" X.TaskList="Task List" X.TaskRepeatEndNeeded="You must select an option which determines when the repeated task must stop repeating." X.TaskShouldOccur="This task should occur" X.TaskTitle="Task Title" X.Tentative="Tentative" X.thu="Thu" X.Thu="Thursday" X.ThuT="T" X.Time="Time" X.Times="times" X.Title="Title" X.TitleLen80="Please enter note title less than 80 characters " X.TitleMax80="Title should be less than 80 characters" X.Today="Today" X.TskAssignLst="Task-Assigned-To List" X.TskOccurs="the task occurs" X.TskTitleMax15="At the most 15 characters can be displayed for the task title !" X.tue="Tue" X.Tue="Tuesday" X.TueT="T" X.Type="Type" X.TZ="Time Zone" X.URL="URL" X.URLMax255="Please enter URL less than 255 characters!" X.UsrCalPref="User's Calendar Preferences" X.UsrDef="User-Defined" X.UsrTZ="User Time Zone" X.VHigh="1 (Very High)" X.ViewAllTasks="View All Tasks" X.ViewPref="Viewing Preferences" X.VLow="5 (Very Low)" X.wed="Wed" X.Wed="Wednesday" X.WedW="W" X.Week="Week" X.Weekly="Weekly" X.WeekView="Week View" X.Welcome="Welcome" X.WkStartDay="Week Start Day" X.Year="Year" X.Yearly="Yearly" X.YearView="Year View" // 12/5/02 // Styles X.RockyMountains="Rocky Mountains" X.DesertSand="Desert Sand" X.SunsetBeach="Sunset Beach" X.Bricks="Bricks" X.GrassyHillside="Grassy Hillside" X.ElectricSky="Electric Sky" X.CrystalCove="Crystal Cove" X.RiverStones="River Stones" X.Architecture="Architecture" X.SteelBlue="Steel Blue" X.RainForest="Rain Forest" X.Graystone="Graystone" X.GraystoneXLText="Graystone XL Text" X.OceanBlue="Ocean Blue" X.DayGlo="Day-Glo" X.GardenRose="Garden Rose" X.BlueAndGold="Blue and Gold" X.HunterGreen="Hunter Green" X.DustyGreen="Dusty Green" X.PrettyInPink="Pretty in Pink" X.Underground="Underground" X.BlackWhite="Black/White" X.WhiteBlack="White/Black" // 12/6/02 X.ChgUsrPwd="Change User Password" X.ChgPwdFor="Change Password for" X.LoggedIn="Logged in" X.NotloggedIn="Not logged in" X.StatNoWebAccess="No web access" X.Suspended="Suspended due to repeated unsuccessful attempts at login" // 12/9/02 X.DelMsgConf="Delete message?" X.SelOtherDomain="Select other domain" X.Edit="Edit" X.ListMaintenance="List Maintenance" X.AddAlias="Add Alias" X.AddAliasTo="Add Alias to" X.DispAlias="Display Alias" X.ModAlias="Modify Alias" X.FileLimit1K="This file is limited to 1000 characters." // 12/11/02 X.VacChgSucceed="Vacation message changed successfully." X.VacChgFailed="Failed to change vacation message." // 12/13/03 X.SelInvtToDel="Please select the invitation you want to delete !" X.NoInvites="No Invitations..." X.ClkToChkInvites="Click here to look for any recent invitations" // 12/16/02 X.CalDesc1="Tracks your schedule, contacts, to-do items, and notes from any Internet-connected computer." X.CalDesc2="Stores appointments and recurring events, and can send email reminders." X.WebCal="Web Calendaring" X.WebLogOut="You are successfully logged out!" X.WebThanks="Thanks for using" X.EdtDigHdr="Edit Digest Header" X.EdtDigSep="Digest Separator" X.EdtDigTrailer="Digest List Trailer" // 12/26/02 X.EditEvt="Edit An Event" X.AllPrevEvts="All Previous Events" X.AllFutureEvts="All Future Events" X.OnlyThisEvt="Only This Event" // 12/27/02 X.CantCreateFldr="Failed to create folder. Folder name may not contain special characters." X.NoAddrs="--No Addresses--" // 12/28/02 X.SelDifMbx="Please select a different destination mailbox." X.MsgMovedSuccess="Message(s) moved." X.UsrDefDict="User Defined Dictionary" // 12/29/02 X.EditLDAP="Edit user LDAP info" // 1/1/03 X.NoUsersToDisplay="There are no users to display." // 1/12/03 X.Equals="equals" // 1/15/03 X.DoesNotEqual="doesn't equal" //Anti-Spam Support // // // General X.AntiSpamAdmin="Anti-Spam Admin" X.AntiSpamLog="Anti-Spam Log" // // Anti-Spam Options (aspamopt.html) // X.AntiSpamOpt="Anti-Spam Options" X.IPDomain="IP Domain" X.ConnectFiltering="Connection Filtering" X.ContentFiltering="Content Filtering" X.TrustIPAddresses="Trusted IP Addresses" X.SerBlackListOpt="Server Black Lists" X.SerBlackListDescript="Server level DNS black lists compare e-mail messages against spam databases to determine whether the messages are spam. Black lists must be configured for the server before they can be used by a host." X.HostBlackListOpt="Host Black Lists" X.HostBlackListDescript="Host level DNS black lists are server black lists that have been enabled for a host. If a black list is not configured for the server, it cannot be used by a host." X.PhraseFilterOpt="Phrase Filtering" X.PhraseFilterDescript="Phrase filtering searches for configurable spam phrases within the body of an e-mail to determine whether a message is spam." X.StatFilterOpt="Statistical Filtering" X.StatFilterDescript="Statistical filtering compares each word in the body of an e-mail with statistical word tables to determine whether the message is spam." X.WhiteListOpt="White List" X.WhiteListDescript="The white list contains e-mail addresses and domains from which mail is always accepted. Messages that originate from one of the addresses or domains entered in this file are processed immediately without going through content filtering or phrase filtering." X.ContentFilterAuthUsers="Content Filtering for Authenticated Users" X.SaveSettingsBtn="Save Settings" X.TrustIPListOpt="Trusted IP List" X.TrustIPListDescript="Trusted IP Addresses are IP addresses and ranges that you trust not to send spam. Messages that originate from one of the addresses entered on this page are processed immediately without going through any of the spam checks." // // Anti-Spam Log (aspamlog.html) // X.IMailAntiSpamLog="IMail Anti-Spam Log" X.AntiSpamLog="Anti-Spam Log" // // Server Black List (serverblacklist.html & serverblacklistentry.html) // X.AMsgDelAllEntries="Would you like to delete all of the entries?" X.Server="Server" X.QueryDomain="Query Domain" X.Enabled="Enabled" X.TCPIPFirst="TCP/IP First" X.NoSerBlackListEntry="You do not have any black list entries for this server." X.BackToASAdm="Back To Anti-Spam Admin" X.SerBlackListEntry="Server Black List Entry" // // Host Black List (hostblacklist.html & hostblacklistentry.html) // X.AMsgDelSelEntries="Would you like to delete the selected entries?" X.DNSBlackList="DNS Black Lists" X.InsertXHeader="(insert X-Headers)" X.TrustDNSBlackList="Trusted DNS Black Lists" X.ImmediateDel="(immediate deletion)" X.NoHostBlackListEntries="You do not have any black list entries for this host." X.NoHostTrustBlackListEntries="You do not have any trusted black list entries for this host." X.VerifyMailFrom="Verify MAIL FROM Address" X.PerformRevDNSLookUp="Perform reverse DNS lookup for connecting server" X.VerifyHELO_EHLO="Verify HELO/EHLO Domain" X.DeleteMsgAfter="Delete message after" X.Matches="match(es)" X.HostBlackListInstr="To add a host black list, select the check box to the left of the black list name, and click Add to the Host Black List." X.BlackList="Black List" X.NoAvailSerBlackList="All available server level black lists are currently being used for this host." X.AddHostBlackList="Add to the Host Black List" X.CancelHostBlackList="Return to the Host Black List page" // // Phrase Filtering (phrasefilter.html) // X.EnablePhraseFilter="Enable Phrase Filtering" X.PFInstruct1="Enter the phrase that should be added to the listing. Save your changes by pressing," X.PFInstruct2="Specify the action to take once an email is received that contains one or more of the above phrases. Save your changes by pressing," X.PhraseList="Phrase List" X.Action="Action" // // Statistical Filtering (statfilter.html & advstatsettings.html) // X.EnableStatFilter="Enable Statistical Filtering" X.SFInstruct1="Specify the words that should be ignored by the statistical filter. Save your changes by pressing," X.SFInstruct2="Specify the action to take once a received email is determined to be spam. Save your changes by pressing," X.ExcludeList="Exclude List" X.UsePrimASTable="Use Primary Domain's Anti-Spam Table" X.Word="Word" X.Advanced="Advanced" X.AdvSettings="Advanced Settings" X.TreatWordNew="Treat a word as new until its total occurrences exceeds" X.ProbabilityNew="Probability a new word is spam (percent)" X.EmailCalculate="An email is spam when its calculated probability exceeds (percent)" X.NumberWords="Number of words to use in calculating an email's probability" X.AMsgCorrectRange1="The value entered in the text field must be within the range of 0 - 100. Please enter a numerical value that is within the specified range." X.AMsgCorrectRange2="The value entered in the text field must be within the range of 1 - 999,999. Please enter a positive numerical value that is within the specified range." // // White List (whitelist.html) // X.WLInstruct1="Enter the domain or email address that should be added to the listing. Save your changes by pressing," X.Entry="Entry" X.WhiteList="White List" // // (pantispam.html) // X.AntiSpamResult="Anti-Spam Admin Results" X.ASResultSuccess="The changes were saved." X.ASResultFail="The changes were not saved. The following error message was returned from the server." // // Trusted IP List (iplist.html & ipaddrpopup.html) // X.AMsgClickChkbox="Click the checkbox next to the entries that you would like to delete." X.IPAddress="IP Address" X.Netmask="Netmask" X.AMsgEnterIPAddr="Please enter a valid IP address and netmask in the correct fields." X.AddIPAddr="Add An IP Address" X.EditIPAddr="Edit An IP Address" // // (listboxcontrol.cgi) // X.AMsgSelectEntry="Please select an entry to edit from the list box." X.AMsgEnterEntry="Please enter a valid entry in the text field." X.AMsgAlreadyInListAdd="The entry is already in the list and will not be added to the list." X.AMsgAlreadyInListEdit="The entry is already in the list and will not be added to the list. Note: Use the text field, on this form, to make modifications to the selected entry." // // Anti-Spam Additions (6/1/03) // X.ActDelete="Delete" X.ActForwardTo="Forward To" X.ActInsertXHeader="Insert X-Header" // // Anti-Spam Option (aspamopt.html) // X.HTMLFilterOpt="HTML Feature Filtering" X.HTMLFilterDescript="HTML Feature filtering searches messages for specific combinations of HTML tags that often appear in spam." X.URLBlackListOpt="URL Domain Black List" X.URLBlackListDescript="The URL Domain Black List searches messages for URLs in the HTML tags that contain domain names that are known to send spam." // // HTML Filtering (htmlfilter.html) // X.HFInstruct1="Select the HTML feature(s) to detect. Save your changes by pressing," X.HFInstruct2="Specify the action to take once an email is received that matches the above criteria. Save your changes by pressing," X.NestedTable="Nested Table" X.Hyperlink="Hyperlink" X.ImageTag="Image Tag" X.ScriptTag="Script" X.InvalidTag="Invalid Tag" X.MailtoHyperlink="Mailto Hyperlink" X.DeceptiveURL="Deceptive URL" X.EmbeddedComment="Embedded Comment" X.FeatTriggerNum="Number of selected features that must be detected before the HTML message is considered spam:" // // URL Domain Black List (hrefdomain.html) // X.ULInstruct1="Enter the domain that should be searched for when parsing mail messages that contain HTML. Save your changes by pressing," X.ULInstruct2="Specify the action to take once an email is received that contains one or more entries in the domain list. Save your changes by pressing," X.Domain="Domain" X.DomainList="Domain List" X.CurrentHost="Current Host" X.PrimaryHost="Primary Host" // // Address Book Additions (8/21/03) // X.ContactList="Contact List" X.LblContactList="Contact List" X.AMsgEntConListName="Please enter a name for the contact list." X.AMsgEntConListAddr="Please enter at least one email address for the contact list" X.TitleSelAddrFromAB="Select an address to insert into the contact list." X.InsertAddrBook="Insert from Address Book" X.CurrAddr="Current Addresses" X.AddToContactList="Add to Contact List" X.LblHide="HIDE" X.AlertRecip="Alert Recipients" // //Added in version 8.1 // X.TrustAddresses="Trusted Addresses" X.DomainsEmailAddrOpt="Domains/Email Addresses" X.DomainsEmailAddrDescript="This list contains e-mail addresses and domains from which mail is always accepted. Messages that originate from one of the addresses or domains entered in this file are processed immediately without going through content filtering or phrase filtering." X.HeadersNote="To view the full headers for this message, change your preferences." X.PrefixSubjectLabel="Prefix Subject With" X.UsePrimaryHost="Use Primary Host" X.UseCurrentHost="Use Current Host" X.Target="Target" X.ActMoveToMailbox="Move To Mailbox" X.ActNone="None" X.Scan="Scan" X.ScanSubject="Subject" X.ScanBody="Body" X.ScanSubjectBody="Subject and Body" X.ContentFilterOnly="Apply to Content Filtering Only" X.ActForwardToAddr="Forward To Address" X.VirusDefDate="Virus Definition File Date" X.AMsgEnterPrefixedSub="Please enter a prefix for the subject." X.NormalizePhrases="Normalize Words" X.DeceptiveText="Deceptive Text"